discussion QUESTIONS

  • 6.20.21   Act like men.  be strong!

    1 Cor. 16.13-14   Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.


    Act Like Men.  Be Strong!

    Discussion Questions:

    • Our fathers, for better or worse, play a very significant role in our lives.  And no father on earth is perfect.  Share something that you appreciate about your father; something he got right.
    • The Bible tells us to Be watchful.  Can you think of a time that your father could have been a bit more watchful? (A funny answer is mainly what we’re going for here.)
    • Why is it important that dads are watchful in these modern times?  What may be at risk if they are not?
    • The Bible tells us to Stand firm in the faith.  Do you see fathers falling short in this area sometimes?
    • Give an example of a father who does stand firm in the faith?
    • The Bible tells us to Act like men.  Why do you think the Bible gives this particular command?
    • What is it like when guys act like children instead? Or bullies? Or wimps?
    • Women are invaluable in all areas of life.  God created humankind as male and female.  But why is it a problem when men act more like women?
    • The Bible tells us to Be strong.  Obviously, the main point isn’t about physical strength.  In what areas do men need to be strong today?
    • What are some of the consequences of men being weak instead?
    • The Bible tells us to Let all that you do be done in love.  How can dads act in love, without becoming unmanly?
    • Whether you are personally a dad or not, what do you think our families and society needs most from fathers today?
  • 6.13.21  We welcome our canadian friend and ministry partner Phil Bryant

    No discussion question this week.


    Mark 5.14-15   (Jesus) said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!”  The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.


    Miracles ~ When God Overrules the Rules thru the Son: 

    Resurrection / The Miracle of Life

    Discussion Questions:

    • Share a time when you were completely amazed, dumbfounded or astonished at something.  (Have fun with this, it doesn’t have to be too serious.)
    • How many viewings or funerals would you guess you have attended in your life?  What’s most difficult about this for you?
    • Are you ever actually encouraged in any way in one of these somber settings?
    • Lk. 7.11-17 tells of the time Jesus interrupted the funeral of an only son.  What do you think people were thinking when Jesus literally stopped the funeral procession that was going out of the town for the burial?
    • Jesus told the weeping widow & childless mother “don’t cry”.  How is this usually bad advice at such a time?  Why was it good advice in this case for Jesus to tell this grieving mom not to cry?
    • What did Jesus do that totally stunned all who were present at that funeral?
    • What does this reveal about Jesus?
    • In Mk. 5.21ff Jesus went to the home of a prominent religious Jewish leader who probably would have been associated with Jesus’ enemies otherwise.  According to the passage, why was this man so desperate to have Jesus come to his home?
    • What happened on the way that made the situation seem completely hopeless?
    • How did Jesus respond to the distractions when he arrived at the synagogue leader’s home?
    • What are some things that you also find unhelpful during such times of grief?
    • How did the mourners respond to Jesus in Mk. 5.40 and what does this suggest about their actual attitudes?
    • In Mk. 5.41-43 what did Jesus do?
    • Why do you think Jesus gave strict orders not to speak openly about this?
    • The story of Jesus raising Lazarus is much more well-known.  Why do you think Jesus wept at this time?
    • What do you think may have happened if Jesus simply said, come forth instead of Lazarus come forth?
    • This week we looked at 3 times that Jesus literally interrupted a funeral process.  In what way will Jesus ultimately interrupt every funeral as far as believers are concerned?
    • What message do these miracles send to the evil forces of darkness?
    • What do you find most encouraging about these three passages in the New Testament?
    • And what do these passages say about the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • 5.30.21   miracles ~ when god overrules the rules thru the son:  lepers / the miracle of cleansing

    Mark 1.41   Jesus…reached out his hand and touched the man.  “I am willing,” he said.  “Be clean!”


    Jim Denison:  Changed people change the world.


    Miracles ~ When God Overrules the Rules thru the Son: 

    Lepers / The Miracle of Cleansing

    Discussion Questions:

    • Share a time that you were as physically dirty as you have ever been.  How did this effect your life until you could get clean again?  (Have fun sharing these stories)
    • If you were Covid positive in the last year or so, how did this effect your life until you were past being contagious?
    • With these personal stories in mind, what do you think it was like for lepers in the first century?
    • What was unusual about the leper approaching Jesus? (Mt. 8.2; how was he violating the law?)
    • What attitude does the man show in the same verse?  Do you think this served him well?
    • What did Jesus do in verse 3 in response to the man’s desperate need?
    • What was unusual about Jesus’ actions in the culture of this time?
    • On another occasion (Lk. 17.11-19) Jesus healed 10 men with leprosy all at once.  What does this tell us about Jesus’ ability to cleanse and heal?
    • Do you recall how many returned to thank him?  Why do you think such a small number did this?
    • In what ways is the disease of leprosy similar to the disease of sin?
    • Explain how Jesus did not get corrupted with leprosy, but rather was able to cleanse the leper.
    • In what ways is Jesus’ response to the leper similar to his response to sinners like us today?
    • In what ways do people respond to sinners today much like they responded to lepers in the first century?
    • How can we be more like Jesus, and less like those who avoided lepers?
    • What is your #1 takeaway of these passages related to Jesus cleansing the leper?