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Who is responsible to teach your children about God?

You as the parents are told in scripture that you are responsible to train your children in "the way that they should go." Proverbs. 22:6;Deuteronomy. 6: 6-9; Ephesians. 6:4


They are a gift from Him. Psalm.127:3

God celebrates the qualities that are unique to children. Matthew.18:4

He encourages them to come to Him. Mark.10:14-16

Child dedication is not a substitute for baptism. Child dedication is not a replacement for a personal decision by your child to follow Christ. Child dedication is a public statement by parents, to commit to raising their child for God's honor and glory. Child dedication is realizing that as parents you will have the most influence in the life of your child. You will be the ones that they look to first for guidance and love. Baby dedication is committing to pray as parents for your children along with your church family. 

If it is your desire to have your child/children dedicated then please fill out the "Baby Dedication Request Form" under the "KIDLAND" tab above.

The Ceremony

You are welcome to invite friends and family to join you for your child’s dedication. You are also invited to have pictures taken during the event. The brief ceremony will take place near the beginning of the 10:30 am worship service in the Ministry Center. One of the Pastors will share about child dedication and will pray for your family. You are then encouraged to take your child to the nursery or Kidland so that all can enjoy the rest of the worship service, and your child can be cared for on a spiritual level that is age appropriate for them.