BAPTISM - What we believe

Once your child becomes a follower of Christ, Jesus Himself taught that the next step your child should take is water baptism. Becoming baptized does not "save" your child. The decision to get baptized publicly is a picture of what Jesus has already done for us on the cross. When we get baptized we are showing others that we follow Him. 

Talking Points with your child

  1. Baptism is when we go under the water, (baptism means to "immerse") symbolizing that when we asked Jesus to be Lord and Savior of our lives He washed away all of the dirty stuff- our sins.
  2. When Jesus died on the cross and then came back to life again on the third day, He did that for us. He took the punishment for us that we deserved.  Read Matthew 3:1-16, Matthew 28: 16-20, John 3: 1-21.
  3. Does this mean that you will never sin again? The answer is NO! Read 1 John 1:8 -10 and Romans 6: 1- 5. We should not continue to live a life that habitually practices sin, but we will always continue to make mistakes and sin.  Jesus was the only one who lived a sinless life.
  4. When we do sin, what should we do?  Most kids are more worried about getting in trouble by Mom and Dad when they do something wrong than they are about how sad it makes God and asking for His forgiveness.  It can be hard for children to connect "getting in trouble" with God and sin.  Make sure they understand that it is by grace and the love of Jesus that our sins are forgiven.  The answer is that we confess, or "say the same thing God does", about our sins in prayer. Read 1 John 1.9-10. When we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us!
  5. If you feel that  your child is ready to take this next step of baptism, then please fill out the form below and we would be glad to get back with you.

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