Upcoming events

The "Upcoming Events" page will be changed weekly as published in the "Bulletin"

  • 2.25.24 Bulletin Events

    Mar 3rd              Coins for Camp Deadline

    Mar 3rd              Straight Ahead Gardners Candy Deadline

    Mar 3rd              Straight Ahead @ 6pm

    Mar 5th              Grace Group @ 7pm

    Mar 6th              Official Board Meeting @ 6:30pm

    Mar 10th            Adult Bible Fellowship @ 9-10am

    Mar 10th            Worship Service and Kidland @ 10:30am

    Mar 10th            Straight Ahead @ 6pm

    Mar 14th            Ladies’ Breakfast @ Kelly’s 9am

    Mar 14th            ARC Blood Drive 12-5pm

    Mar 17th             Adult Bible Fellowship @ 9-10am

    Mar 17th             Worship Service and Kidland @ 10:30am

    Mar 17th             Palm Sunday Breakfast Sign-up Deadline

    Mar 17th             Straight Ahead @ 6pm

    Mar 19th             Grace Group @ 7pm

    Mar 24th             Palm Sunday Breakfast @ 9am

    Mar 24th             Worship Service and Kidland @ 10:30am

    Mar 24th              Straight Ahead @ 6pm

    Mar 28th              Ladies’ Book Club @ 6:30pm

    March 31st          Easter Sunday

    Mar 31st              Adult Bible Fellowship @ 9-10am

    Mar 31st              Worship Service and Kidland @ 10:30am

    Apr 2nd               Grace Group @ 7pm

    Apr 3rd               Official Board Meeting @ 6:30pm

    Apr 7th                Adult Bible Fellowship @ 9-10am

    Apr 7th                Worship Service and Kidland @ 10:30am

    Apr 7th                Straight Ahead @ 6pm