Guidelines for the Use of the Church Facility


Written application for the use of the church facility and/or the church grounds must be completed on the form(s) provided for that purpose and submitted to the Administrative Office.  Submission of the application does not guarantee approval.  Applicant will be notified concerning the decision of the application’s approval.





All applications for the facility are dependent upon the availability of the facility.  The church program and its organizations have prior right to the use of all facilities in the church.





There shall be no required charge for the church facility and grounds when used by a church member or regular church attendee.  Donations will be accepted and appreciated.  For those who request the use of the facilities other than those listed above, the charge for the use shall be based on a fee of $25.00 per hour.



    1.     CGC does not rent its facilities for weddings or events to persons  

              not associated with our local  church or the Fellowship of Grace  

              Brethren Churches.


    2.     No wedding or event will be arranged which conflicts with the

              regularly scheduled services of the church. 


    3.     Only appropriate Christian conduct and activities will be

               permitted on the church property.  Absolutely no alcoholic 

                beverages or use of tobacco will be permitted.  Music and        

               dancing must be appropriate to the church’s Christian


    4.     Wedding services of an outside minister must meet the approval                   of the Pastor, Elders, or Official Board.

    5.     “Open Church” weddings will be permitted only to those who have  

                  been faithful to church services and have met with the Pastor for

                  pre-marital counseling. 

6.     All facilities and equipment must be replaced in its proper place in

                accordance with the Trustee’s directions.  Damaged property or loss

                of property will be charged to the wedding/event party. 

     7.   No birdseed or bubbles are to be used inside the church building.


All kitchen equipment shall be left in the clean condition that is was in before being used by the applicant.

Use of the stove/oven is prohibited unless under direct approval of the Head Trustee. 




Any damage to the church property or equipment shall be repaired or replaced by the renting or using party.





The applicant agrees to assume all responsibility for the damage claims or liability of any kind arising out of or by reason of its use of the church facility or grounds and further agrees to save and hold the Community Grace Brethren Church of Everett, Pennsylvania harmless from any claims, liability, expenses, or cost in connection with that use of the church facility or grounds.





The permission extended to any applicant to use the church facility or grounds shall expire on the date designated on the application.





If applicable, payment shall be paid 7 days prior to the event.  All checks should be made payable to the Community Grace  Church of Everett, Pennsylvania.





The following guidelines shall be used in the use of the church facility and grounds.


1.     No tobacco or alcohol products will be permitted.

2.     The church facility or grounds when used by an outside group may

         not be used for the financial gain of any individual or group unless

          approved by the Elders.

3.     Food is to be taken only into the Fellowship Hall unless prior approval

        is given for other areas.


4.     The applicant agrees to assume responsibility for using only the

         room(s) designated on the application.

5.     The church facilities and grounds can only be used outside of the

         regularly scheduled activities or services of the church.


6.     An open traffic lane must be maintained around the church facility to

         provide for adequate police or fire protection.





The Elders and Official Board of the Community Brethren Church reserves the right to alter any of the regulations governing the use of the church facility and grounds as needed.


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